Consider the latest post at Aged and Gilded, one of my perennial favorites, where the subject is long lunches outdoors. My compliments, especially for the images, a few of which I share here.

The question is posed: What is your favorite meal? I couldn’t say; each has its charms.

But if you ask which meal I favor outdoors, it has to be dinner — long, lazy, taking the time to enjoy much wine at a gentle pace.

Here’s an exercise: Imagine a meal in each of the pictured locales, only at night, under the light of festive lanterns or flickery candles.

I think dinner in the garden pavillion above would be especially enchanting. Or the setting below, among old best friends, where all laugh at the things they once took so seriously and there’s always room for dessert.

á bientôt, from my iPhone…Tatie

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