Nothing delights the spirit quite like a stroll through one of the flea markets of Paris — les marchés aux puces.

No, the floods did not send me off again to find refuge in La Belle France. But my blog mentor, Paris Apartment, has been over there for several weeks decorating the apartment of a client.

She regularly makes these trips and graciously shares her lovely finds with those of us who start longing for Paris before the wheels of our return flight even touch down.

Her latest post truly cemented the bond between us. She included wonderful images from textile and mercerie stalls at the Vanves puces.

Particularly fascinating are old inventory sheets, the kind kept by a fine fabric merchant, that she found. They are a study in the French ability to turn something as mundane as a business record into an expression of elegance.

She also confessed a weakness for pink chandeliers. Well, who wouldn’t swoon over such a treat?

á bientôt, from my iPhone…Tatie