Louis XV, king of France, famously said: “Après moi, le déluge.”

Literally translated: “After me, the flood.” What he meant: “After I’m gone, it’s gonna hit the fan.” It did, and his grandson, Louis XVI, and his Austrian bride, Marie Antoinette, paid with their heads for all the aristocratic excess.

I am borrowing part of the phrase, “Après le deluge,” for posts about our recovery following the Tennessee 1 May floods.

Part of the recovery is refurnishing the living room. Interestingly, I’ve picked up several repro Louis XVI pieces, inspired by my blog mentor, Paris Apartment, and some of her finds (like the ones above and below) on a recent decorating foray in Paris.

I love the understated, slightly feminine elegance of Louis XVI style. It’s less prissy than Louis XIV,
less puffy than Louis XV.

I particularly like the use of canework in this style. I found two fun pieces with caning: a chair, above, and a graceful, if slightly needy, little settee, brlow. Great prices on both.

I’m looking at the taffeta, above, for cushions on both pieces. It reminds me a little bit of the upholstery on the chairs at the Ladurée on rue Bonaparte (below).

Another lovely little post-flood discovery was a Louis XVI chair with claret and brown toile. (As you may or may not know, the color red is verboten in my home, where the Detroit Red Wings are spawns of Satan.)

So, there is some good to be found in this particular natural disaster: an excuse to pick up some new treasures and a new look for our abode. And a chance to tap into a little French inspiration.

New drywall goes up tomorrow, a huge step in flood rebuilding. I’ll keep you posted on the more aesthetic aspects.

à bientôt, from my iPhone…Tatie