Une bébé Bru Saturday, Mar 6 2010 

Of all the French antique dolls, I think the ones made by Bru are some of the prettiest.

Below is the Bru Jne 11 that I recently finished.

A bit if a primer about reproducing antique dolls:

I pour the porcelain in a mold cast from an original. I follow a photo of the real thing as I paint the doll’s face — making the tiny eyelashes, the eyebrows, the lips, the blush of her cheeks as much like the antique as possible.

I make human hair wigs by hand for my dolls, and I am especially proud of the one below.

Her pink silk twill frock features some of the old lace from my collection and unusual vintage pink mother of pearl buttons. It’s handmade, just like the little silk “combinaison” undies she wears.

Let me know how you like her. She is available at my etsy shop, demoiselle.

à bientôt…Tatie


By way of introduction… Wednesday, Apr 29 2009 


…meet my desktop collage, which says quite a lot about me… that I cannot take a very good photo with an iPhone but that j’adore my hockey team, my not-so-little-anymore girl, my beloved late Dad, Perrier and English roses from my patio garden.

You see: Even at the office, you can create something lovely. What’s important is that it pleases YOU!!!

Stay tuned, and I will share some of my more durable creativity, including:

  •  Children’s designs, from the traditional to the runway-inspired.
  • Sewing for children from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s.
  • French magazine collages.
  • A Bru here, a Jumeau there, all with a little “fantaisie.”
  • La folies en papier.
  • Arsenic and old lace — just kidding, but there will be antique lace, yards and yards of it.

  A bientot!…