…meet my desktop collage, which says quite a lot about me… that I cannot take a very good photo with an iPhone but that j’adore my hockey team, my not-so-little-anymore girl, my beloved late Dad, Perrier and English roses from my patio garden.

You see: Even at the office, you can create something lovely. What’s important is that it pleases YOU!!!

Stay tuned, and I will share some of my more durable creativity, including:

  •  Children’s designs, from the traditional to the runway-inspired.
  • Sewing for children from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s.
  • French magazine collages.
  • A Bru here, a Jumeau there, all with a little “fantaisie.”
  • La folies en papier.
  • Arsenic and old lace — just kidding, but there will be antique lace, yards and yards of it.

  A bientot!…