La Poste: No biscuit in these baskets Wednesday, Mar 24 2010 

(Pardon the random hockey reference, but I’ll be brimming with them as my Predators inch along the ice toward the playoffs!)

As promised, here are a few of Martha Stewart’s Easter baskets, via her daily craft newsletter.

I am especially fond of the blue basket of glass-glitter eggs (being German-American, I’m all about my glass glitter) and the clover basket. If I can remember to get started early growing the clover, that one is definitely on next year’s agenda.

Look at all of Martha’s baskets. You may find more that you like.


Belles of the blade: Les Patineuses Friday, Dec 11 2009 

Long before I became a crazy hockey fan – and among sports fans, we are the royalty when it comes to crazy – I was enchanted by a Holiday on Ice performance at the old Nashville rink. For a littlegirl, fantasy came to life as I watched all that glitz and glamour gliding across the frozen stage. I left the show, clutching my glossy souvenir program and gazed at the pages for months to come.

I think my favorite thing about eBay is its treasure chest of childhood memories. I recently did a random search for old Holiday on Ice souvenir programs, and sure enough, there they were. And my creative curiosity was piqued.

In these great old images, I saw elegant paper dolls that would bring curious life to a Christmas tree. The belles, or les patineuses (French for lady ice skaters), were born.

I like the old Dennison paper dolls with movable arms and legs, and the movement captured in the ice belles adapted perfectly. I made two copies of each, on cardstock, providing me with all the parts.

Then came the fun part – creating a new wardrobe for the belles:

• I used German glass glitter, mica snowflakes, bits and pieces of old rhinestone jewelry.
• The tutus were fashioned from old crepe paper, lacy gilded handmade paper and gold tissue that I stamped with a black baroque design.
• Clouds of gathered gold tulle give them a floating quality.
• Tiny gold or silver brads attach each posable limb.

Les patineuses, shimmering in gold and rhinestones, were a natural for holiday décor. But these are just the beginning. I have collected a number of the old ice show programs, and the re-costuming possibilities are numerous.

If you are interested in receiving electronic copies of the belles featured here, drop me a line at They’re available as my holiday gift to you for a limited time before I offer them as paper doll kits on Etsy.

See you at the rink!…Tatie