Remodelista Daily’s newsletter today (Wednesday) features a kitchen with a stainless steel/apple green color theme. And does it ever work! The clean feel of steel complements that special warmth that only green can bring to a room.

My sister, the accomplished artist who has a knack for making any room look like it is part of a Manhattan home tour, turned me on to Remodelista Daily. It’s always got good features on mostly modern living spaces from places all over the globe, along with information on getting the goods used.

I really like the newsletter approach to social media. The good ones — and they are usually very visual — are like that great magazine that you look forward to finding in the mailbox. Plus, they don’t stack up in the house. (“I can’t throw those away. I might need them sometime.”)

From time to time, I will share newsletter nuggets that I think you might like, along with visual treats from some of the many delicious design blogs that I follow. I’ll call them, predictably, La Poste.

À bientôt!…Tatie