Atelier AM home in Rancho Santa Fe

Reading yesterday’s daily Remodelista newsletter, I was about ready to close it up and move on. Not every newsletter is going to connect with every reader. But I am glad I stuck it out to the end of this one.

The last item introduced the West Coast home designers at Atelier AM. I fell hard for the first image, above, of a home in Rancho Santa Fe,  so I wandered over to their site.

Alexandra and Michael Misczynski describe their work as possessing “qualities rare in our culture of trendy, grab-n-go design: patina, depth, character, and soul. Their approach to design defies superficial style labels and antiquated distinctions between ‘traditional’ and ‘modern.’ Instead, their work is defined by connoisseurship, quality, and authenticity, regardless of the context or architectural style of a particular project. They treat Belle Epoque grandeur and 21-century minimalism with equal elegance and aplomb.”

I concur.

More of the home in Rancho Santa Fe:

Rancho Santa Fe home

And this, in Malibu:

Malibu home

home in malibu

home in Malibu

Am I the only one who always finds a rich Mediterranean feel in true, pure California style like this? I can almost smell the lavender and cypress.

à bientôt…Tatie